Course: Implementing the UN Guidelines for Alternative Care of Children

15th May 2017
Time: Duration of 6 weeks
Location: Online

All around the world, for many different reasons, hundreds of thousands of children cannot live with their parents. The UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children set out the principles for policy and practice that have been agreed upon globally, to help towards tackling this issue.

Now it's your chance to take part in this first free massive online open course (MOOC) which delves into what the UN Guidelines look like in practice. This MOOC was developed by an international interagency group working on various initiatives.

By the end of this 6-week interactive course you'll better understand the key principals, pillars and implications of the UN Guidelines, taking in views from across the world.


Who is the course for?

This course is designed for practitioners and policymakers from both state and non-state bodies (such as NGOs, CBOs and private service providers) and anyone working in providing services around children's care.

This might include social workers, para-social workers, community support workers, lawyers, psychologists, child protection professionals, teachers, medical workers and care workers, including those in family-based and residential settings.

The course will also be accessible for people not working directly in this field and others with an interest or responsibility in the field of child protection and child care.

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