Rights Right Now! offered the opportunity to pilot a model for how children and young people can be involved in governance at a national strategic level to influence UNCRC implementation. Key learning and recommendations were gathered to create adult and child-friendly reports to influence the UNCRC Strategic Implementation Board. Learning shared will also inform the development of a longer-term project which will align, inform and influence the implementation of children’s rights in Scotland. 

The project was established in September 2021 and involved children and young people aged between 10 and 17. The project was originally known as the Interim Children and Young People’s Consortium and renamed by the children and young people to Rights Right Now! to reflect their work and create a sense of identity and ownership. 

Gregor was part of Rights Right Now! You can read about his experience as part of the project on page 54 in the Enable Magazine!

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Rights Right Now was coordinated by Together (Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights) in partnership with six Together members: Aberlour, Carers Trust Scotland, Children in Scotland, Scottish Commission for Learning Disability, Scottish Youth Parliament, Who Cares? Scotland. The project was underpinned by a commitment to safe, inclusive and trauma-informed practice. Rights, Rights Now was supported by 17 Associate organisations, Professor Laura Lundy and The Observatory for Children’s Human Rights in Scotland.     

A huge thank you to all the children, young people, members and associates who were part of this fantastic project!