Membership of the EU has had a significant influence on the lives of children in the UK. 

The EU has enacted over 80 legal instruments directly impacting children’s lives. These instruments span a broad range of areas including:

  • child protection
  • paediatric medicine
  • cross-border family law
  • maternity and parental leave
  • free movement of EU nationals
  • Immigration and asylum
  • consumer rights
  • data protection
  • economic, social and cultural rights
  • environmental law

Leaving the EU will have widespread consequences for children. As the youngest in our communities, children shall face the long-term impact of Brexit and accordingly have the most at stake in the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. However, children did not have a vote in the referendum nor did either side of the campaign make efforts to engage meaningfully with them.

Together has been working with partners across the UK to elevate the consideration of children’s rights and interests in discussions around Brexit. This work has contributed to an increased engagement by MPs and Peers and the tabling of several child rights-focused amendments to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill.  We have produced several briefings and resources on Brexit in order to inform these discussions as well as to highlight key children's rights issues to our members.  These briefings can be accessed by navigating the Brexit pages on the right.

For an overview of the key issues see the UK Children and Brexit Coalition’s paper “Making Brexit work for Children”