Childonomics: measuring the impacts of investing in children and families

Date: 9th December 2020
Category: Basic Health and Welfare, Family Environment and Alternative Care, Funding
Author: Eurochild


In the past five years, Eurochild has been working on combining economic discipline with children’s rights. Its conceptual framework and methodology to ‘measure the long-term social and economic return on investing in children and families’, together with the findings of its case studies from Romania and Malta, are now available on its website.

The instrument developed by Eurochild provides an approach to economic modelling, which can be used to inform decision-making. It enables actors to consider the relationship between the cost of different support services and approaches and their expected outcomes for children and families.  This approach can be used by governments and non-governmental organisations alike to make ‘better informed and economically sound judgements’ to support children, families and communities.