Launch of the Rights Detectives latest Mission Update Report #003

Today we are excited to launch the latest Rights Detectives Mission Update Report #003! Our Rights Detectives have been extremely busy investigating and completing missions and this is the third report to Scottish Government to help shape Scotland's new Human Rights Bill.

The third report in the series explores how the Detectives helped to shape child-friendly resources to support children and young people to respond to the Scottish Government consultation on the new Human Rights Bill.  It also brings together the findings from the Detectives final investigations, which involved 80 children and young people aged 10-17 years-old from St John Ogilvie High School Hamilton and from the Girl Guides in Edinburgh.

Read their latest full and child-friendly reports and find out more about the Detectives and their work here.

NEW child-friendly resource on the UN Concluding Observations!

Together has just launched this child-friendly resource explaining the recent UN Concluding Observations made by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child for the UK and Scottish Government.

In partnership with Children’s Parliament, Scottish Youth Parliament and Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland, Together consulted with #TeamScotlandUN in the creation of this child-friendly resource to support children and young people to understand these important recommendations to better protect, respect and implement children’s rights, and to support their ability to hold Scottish Government and other duty bearers to account.


Access the child-friendly resource here!

Read our State of Children's Rights Report 2023!

Our 2023 report is an update for the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child about the state of children's rights in Scotland. It draws on evidence from children, young people and our members to highlight areas of progress and where there are concerns. 

The report will help the UN Committee as it gets ready to review the UK and Scottish Government's children's rights records in May 2023.

Read the report here!

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9th February 2024 — General measures of implementation
New guidance on taking a children's human rights approach

This guidance from Scottish Government provides a brief summary of human rights, children’s rights and the UNCRC, it also raises awareness of the ambition for children’s human rights in Scotland and sets out the Scottish Government’s actions to implement the UNCRC to date. It provides information and resources to support you to take a children’s human rights approach to planning and delivery of services.

9th February 2024 — Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities

Young children's right to be heard on the quality of their education

This article explores whether young children's right to be heard, especially regarding education quality, has experienced a form of 'rights inflation'—an expansion beyond the legal framework or an interpretation surpassing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) text.

9th February 2024 — General measures of implementation

Scottish Parliament to consult on Age of Marriage

The Scottish Government is actively reviewing the legal age of marriage following the recommendation from the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child to prohibit marriages involving individuals under 18 in Scotland.

9th February 2024 — General measures of implementation

Northern Ireland governing bodies fail to consider children and young people’s rights in budget allocation

 The Children’s Law Centre is challenging the Equality Commission over advice provided to relevant authorities in connection with the 2023-24 budget set by Secretary of State Chris Heaton-Harris. This budget, implemented in the absence of a Stormont Executive, involved significant cuts to education and school funding.

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