Every fortnight, Together will be shining a light on the work of its member organisations. This 'Membership Spotlight' feature was launched in early 2021. 

The feature takes the form of a fortnightly blog in which members can tell people what they are currently working on and how other individuals and NGOs can support them.

If your organisation would like to be in the spotlight next then please complete this survey.

Week 1: Shared Parenting Scotland

Shared Parenting Scotland tells us about its work and recent projects.

Week 2: Who Cares? Scotland

Who Cares? Scotland shares information on Care Day 2021 and how you can continue to support care experienced children and young people beyond this international day.

Week 3: Salvesen Mindroom Centre

Salvesen Mindroom Centre provides support to children and young people living with learning difficulties, their families and the professionals who work with them. Discover how children and young people influence its work. 

Week 4: Carers Trust Scotland

Carers Trust Scotland offers information on how you can support Young Carers Action Day 2021! The theme is 'Protect Young Carers’ Futures' - highlighting the incredible skills that children and young people develop through being an unpaid carer and the need to provide mental health support.

Week 5: Upstart Scotland

Upstart are campaigning for a relationship-centred, play-based kindergarten stage for children between 3 and 7 years old. Read the full blog post to find out more about their work, their book ‘Play is the Way’ and how you can get involved and support them!

Week 6: Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance

Independent advocacy is fundamentally about everyone having the right to a voice: addressing barriers and imbalances of power, and ensuring that a person’s rights are recognised, respected, and secured. Find out how SIAA do this by reading the blog post.

Week 7: Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities (SCLD)

SCLD tell us about their work around Covid-19, human rights, participation and Scottish Learning Disability Week 2021 as well as how you can get involved in what they're doing and support them.

Week 8: Save the Children

Aiming to reduce the number of children experiencing poverty and the impact it has on children in the early years and their families, Save the Children campaign at a national level and also work across Scotland. 

Week 9: Families Outside 

As the only national charity that works solely on behalf of children and families affected by imprisonment, Families Outside offers direct support; training of key professionals; and development of policy and practice.