Together works with Children and Young People's Commissioner Scotland and international experts on a draft Children's Rights (Scotland) Bill

Together (Scottish Alliance for Children's Rights) and the Children and Young People Commissioner Scotland have convened an expert Advisory Group to produce a draft Children's Rights (Scotland) Bill to show how the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) could be incorporated into Scots law.  On Universal Children's Day, the Advisory Group presented the draft Bill to the Deputy First Minister and Minister for Children and Young People. Find out more here. 

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Every year, Together publishes their State of Children's Rights report aimed at monitoring the implementation of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child in Scotland.  Read all of our past reports here.

State of Childrens Rights reports

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18th April 2019 — Incorporation
Promote. Protect. Defend: Young Human Rights Defenders produce report calling for greater support for human rights in Scotland

A group of young Human Rights Defenders has been working with CYPCS for the past year to create recommendations for people in power in Scotland. Recommendations have now been published in the report 'Promote. Protect. Defend.'

18th April 2019 — Mental health

Consultation: Draft Age Appropriate Design Code

The Information Commissioner has launched a draft of the Age Appropriate Design Code for consultation. The Commissioner has dubbed the code as “a new deal between children and the tech sector.

18th April 2019 — Other human rights treaties and mechanisms

Scottish Human Rights Commission publishes report on Business and Human Rights National Action Plans

Scotland is currently drafting a National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights. To inform this work, a comparative review of National Action Plans around the world has been published in a report by the Scottish Human Rights Commission.

18th April 2019 — Child poverty

Scottish Human Rights Commission report calls for the right to food to be enshrined in Scots Law

The Scottish Human Rights Commission is calling on the government to take action to incorporate the right to food into Scotland's laws as part of its work to make Scotland a good food nation

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26th February 2019 — Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities
Children’s Parliament: ‘Wee Book of Promises’

Children’s Parliament has launched a ‘Wee Book of Promises.’ The new booklet communicates the UNCRC in accessible and child-friendly language in a graphic form to children and young people. The booklet will be used in all of Children’s Parliament’s work and Members of Children’s Parliament will receive a copy when they participate in their projects and consultations. The ‘Wee Book of Promises’ can be downloaded online here with printed copies available through direct contact with Children’s Parliament.

12th February 2019 — General measures of implementation

Child Rights Connect: 30th Anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Since 1989 the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) has played a central role to improve the lives of children around the world. The CRC is the most holistic human rights treaty, including social, cultural and economic rights, as well as civil and political rights. It defines every human being below 18 years of age as a holder of human rights, taking into account both protection and empowerment necessary to make this notion a reality for every child.

18th December 2018 — Children in conflict with the law

Report - Independent Inquiry into the Children’s Hearing System

The Children and Young People's Commissioner Scotland (CYPCS) and Action for Children have published a report about their independent inquiry into the Children's Hearings System (CHS) in Scotland.  

18th December 2018 — Basic Health and Welfare

Rights, respect and recovery: Scotland's strategy to improve health by preventing and reducing alcohol and drug use

The Scottish Government has published its strategy to improve health by reducing alcohol and drug use in order to prevent harm and related deaths. 

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