Scottish Government has released a response to the UN Committee’s Concluding Observations

Date: 26th March 2024
Category: Reporting to and monitoring the UNCRC


Scottish Government has responded directly to children and young people about the UN Committee's recommendations in a child-friendly summary. Together welcomes the Scottish Government’s efforts to keep children and young people informed, empowering them to oversee and scrutinise progress.

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child issued almost 200 recommendations to the UK and Scottish Government following its review of their children’s rights records in June last year. The report, known as the ‘Concluding Observations’, identified serious concerns

Many of the recommendations were based on evidence presented by Together and our members, including in State of Children's Rights Report and evidence submitted by Team Scotland UN, a group of children and young people, including Arden and Omima – Members of Children’s Parliament, and Beau and Daisy – Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament. Two of the Commissioner's Young Advisors - Ally and Grace - acted as reporters, you can view their coverage here. The group submitted their own report, drawing from the views of children and young people across Scotland, and met with the Committee in February and June to shape the questions the Committee would ask government officials.

A summary of the Concluding Observations and key issues can be found here along with our child-friendly version.

The Scottish Government released its response to the UN Committee’s recommendations yesterday, laying out its plans to address each recommendation to ensure children’s rights are properly implemented.

If you would like to help Together spread the word about the Concluding Observations and promote their implementation ahead of the next review, sign up to our #RightsOnTrack campaign here!