An update on Scotland’s second National Action Plan for Human Rights

Date: 8th July 2021
Category: Basic Health and Welfare

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The first step to establish a fully independent SNAP 2 Secretariat is underway. The Secretariat will support ongoing development, implementation and monitoring of SNAP 2. Recruitment for a SNAP Secretariat Lead for an initial period of nine months is now open and a SNAP 2 Leadership Panel will be established in autumn 2021.

The Secretariat Lead vacancy will be funded by Scottish Government and hosted by the Scottish Human Rights Commission.

The SNAP 2 Leadership Panel will be co-Chaired by the Scottish Human Rights Commission and Scottish Government and 50% of the Panel will be made up of people with lived experience of human rights issues.

These developments aim to improve how human rights are realised so Scotland can better fulfil its international human rights obligations and evidence its progress. Additionally, it hopes to implement the recommendations of the National Taskforce on Human Rights Leadership and create mechanisms to bring about accountability.